Add omni-channel payments
to your business
omni-channel payments
EU Licensed & Regulated Financial Institution
SysPay is an EU Licenced and regulated financial Institution which means: Your customers are ensured that their payments will be processed securely... and you are sure to get paid!

Have you developed a POS solution for tablets?

SysPay offers you the chance to add a payment solution to your app, to optimise your offer (product, services) and generate extra income. With our App, your merchants will be able to register for a Bluetooth payment terminal and start billing their customers.

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Are you developing professional software?

The SysPay App enables you to integrate a full omni-channel payment solution (Online, Mobile or Offline) in multiple currencies which will allow your customers to capture every sale, and to instantly link transactions in their system.

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Are you developing e-commerce solutions?

Whether you are an agency, an e-commerce platform or a simple website, SysPay offers you a simple technical integration with more than 21 payment methods and 23 currencies worldwide.

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Are you a delivery company?

60% of customers are reluctant to use their card online. SysPay has created a new generation of EPT, which will allow you to bill customers on delivery and on behalf of your merchants and to make transactions visible in their back office. Funds are instantly sent to the merchant, after your commission has been deducted.

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Or maybe you are merchant?

Whether you work as a sole trader or freelancer, we can offer you a full range of payment solutions, which will allow you to bill your customers; wherever and whenever you need.

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Do you already distribute POS solutions or EPT to merchants ?

Upgrade your services, with a competitive and innovative solution which will allow you to target a new generation of merchants.

Please contact us to integrate our Bluetooth EPT to your offer.

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Are you selling your products through a network of independent distributors?

Why don't you offer them a payment solution directly connected to your back office, which also automatically manages the payment of their commissions?

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Looking for a card charge?

If your bank has provided you with a card statement, which shows this web page for any of your card transactions, it may be that we have processed a charge to your card in exchange of goods / services you have purchased from any of our merchants.

You can retrieve information about charges to your card here.