Table Of Contents

1.7. Statuses and codes

1.7.1. Payment statuses

Code Final Description
OPEN N The user needs to be sent to the given redirect url to complete the payment. This is the status the payment will be in after the initial request using our hosted payment pages, or when a server-2-server payment requires a third party verification (e.g. Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode)
SUCCESS Y The payment has been completed successfully
FAILED Y The payment has been refused. The response will come with a failure_category property that will provide you with more details about the failure whenever this is possible
CANCELLED Y The payment attempt has been cancelled by the user
AUTHORIZED N When doing a 2-step payment (preauthorization followed by a confirmation), this is the status the payment will be in after the authorization has taken place. It can now be confirmed (which willo pass the payment to SUCCESS) or voided
VOIDED Y Cancellation of an AUTHORIZED payment. This will release the money to the card
WAITING N This means we are waiting for an external action in order to know about the payment status. Some payment methods are processed asynchronously or require the user to take some actions (like printing and sending a form) to complete the payment. You will know about the final status of the operation by receiving a payment notification
ERROR Y An error occured while processing the payment

1.7.2. Payment types

Code Description
ONESHOT A single payment
ONESHOT_RETRY Another attempt for a non-successful payment
BILLING_AGREEMENT_INITIAL The initial payment of a billing agreement
BILLING_AGREEMENT_INITIAL_RETRY Another attempt for a non-successful initial payment of a billing agreement
BILLING_AGREEMENT_REBILL A rebill part of a billing agreement
SUBSCRIPTION_TRIAL A trial payment of a subscription
SUBSCRIPTION_INITIAL The first payment made in the billing phase of a subscription
SUBSCRIPTION_BILL A standard payment part of a subscription in the billing phase
SUBSCRIPTION_MANUAL_REBILL A manual rebill requested on a subscription

1.7.3. Failure categories

Category Description
card_flagged The card has been flagged as lost or stolen
declined The transaction has been declined by the acquirer
duplicated Two transactions with the same information have been attempted in a too short period
expired The card has expired
fraud_suspicious The transaction has been refused for suspicion of fraud
insufficient_funds There wasn’t enough money available to complete the transaction
invalid_card The card number is not valid
invalid_cv2 The card verification code is not valid
invalid_details The card information are not valid
other The transaction was refused by the acquirer but the reason could not be precisely determined
technical_error A technical error occured while attempting to process the transaction
unsupported The card scheme is not supported
service_unavailable The third party payment service provider is unavailable
timeout The payment was not processed in due time

1.7.4. Subscription statuses

Category Description
PENDING The subscription has not started yet, the user must still complete the initial payment
ACTIVE The subscription is active and the user is being billed
CANCELLED The subscription has been cancelled because the initial payment has failed
ENDED The subscription has complete or has been stopped upon request. Manual rebills are still possible
TERMINATED The payment method used for that subscription cannot be used anymore. The subscription has stopped and further rebills are not possible anymore (fraud, expiration date reached,...)

1.7.5. Subscription end reasons

Category Description
UNSUBSCRIBED_MERCHANT The subscription has been stopped upon merchant request
UNSUBSCRIBED_ADMIN The subscription has been stopped explicitely by SysPay
SUSPENDED_ATTEMPTS The subscription has been stopped because a payment attempt and all the following retries failed
SUSPENDED_EXPIRED The subscription has been stopped because the payment method used has expired
SUSPENDED_CHARGEBACK The subscription has been stopped because a chargeback was received
SUSPENDED_BLACKLIST_CARD The subscription has been stopped because the credit card has been blacklisted

1.7.6. Subscription phases

Category Description
NEW The subscription has not started yet, the user must still complete the initial payment
TRIAL The user is in the trial phase
BILLING The user is in the billing phase
RETRY A payment attempt failed and we are retrying to charge the user following the retry map
LAST The subscription is in his final cycle and will be ended soon. No payment will be taken anymore.
CLOSED The subscription has stopped

1.7.7. Subscription events

Category Description
TRIAL A trial payment is taken
FREE_TRIAL A free trial period starts
INITIAL The first payment of the subscription is taken (if there is a trial period, this will be the first real payment taken once that period is over)
BILL A recurring payment is taken
END The subscription is ended

1.7.8. Error Codes

Code Description / Message
10001 Invalid data format
10002 Invalid POST data depth
10003 Missing required parameters: {{ parameters }}
10004 Extra parameters not allowed: {{ parameters }}
10005 An unknown error has occurred
10006 Missing required parameter
10007 Unexpected parameter
10008 Conflicting parameters: {{ parameters }}
10009 The value {{ value }} is not of type {{ type }}
10010 The {{ field }} property is required
20001 Invalid amount parameter
20002 Invalid currency parameter
20003 Invalid start_date parameter
20004 Invalid end_date parameter
20005 Invalid website parameter
20006 Website not found
20007 Payment not found
20008 The extra parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
20009 Invalid agent parameter
20010 Agent not found
20011 Agent is not active
20012 Invalid phone number
20013 Invalid JSON
20014 Invalid First Name
20015 Invalid Last Name
20016 Invalid business type
20017 Invalid phone prefix
20018 File not found
20019 Resource not found
20020 Invalid source parameter
20022 Invalid request_time_end parameter
20023 Invalid processing_time_start parameter
20024 Invalid processing_time_end parameter
20025 Invalid token status parameter
20026 Invalid expiration_date_start parameter
20027 Invalid expiration_date_end parameter
20028 Invalid payment_method.type parameter
20029 Invalid payment_method.validation_status parameter
20030 Invalid page number
20031 The unix timestamp value cannot be lower than {{ limit }}
20032 The unix timestamp value cannot be higher than {{ limit }}
20033 Invalid date parameter
20034 Invalid date: check_out_date cannot be lower than check_in_date
20035 This parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
20036 Invalid business phone prefix
20037 Invalid business phone number
20039 This payment method does not handle refunds.
20040 Duplicate request
30001 Invalid flow parameter
30002 No permission to use this flow: {{ flow }}
30003 Invalid billing_agreement parameter
30004 No permission to use billing agreements
30005 Invalid redirect_url parameter
30006 Invalid ems_url parameter
30007 Invalid payment reference parameter
30008 Payment reference is not unique
30009 Invalid preauth parameter
30010 No permission to make preauthorizations
30011 Invalid payment amount parameter
30012 The payment amount parameter should be minimum {{ limit }}
30013 The payment amount parameter can be maximum {{ limit }}
30014 Unsupported currency parameter
30015 Invalid description parameter (maximum {{ limit }} characters)
30016 Invalid email parameter
30017 Invalid language: {{ value }}
30018 Invalid method parameter
30019 Invalid ip parameter
30020 Invalid cardholder parameter
30021 Invalid cardnumber
30022 Invalid cvc parameter
30023 Invalid exp_month parameter
30024 Invalid exp_year parameter
30025 Invalid expire date
30026 Invalid status parameter
30027 The payment currency does not match with the billing agreement currency
30028 Invalid threatmetrix_session_id parameter
30029 Invalid mode parameter
30030 The maximum process limit is exceeded
30031 Invalid number of allowed retries
30032 Invalid return_url parameter
30033 No permission to detokenize as: {{ type }}
30034 No permission to make refunds
30035 This card scheme is not supported by this merchant.
30036 Invalid ideal bank_id
30037 Invalid calc_type ({{ calc_type }})
30038 The given account_id does not belong to the given user_id
30039 Invalid account_id ({{ account_id }})
30040 Invalid delay ({{ delay }})
30041 The recipient map must be an array of array
30042 The sum of each recipient_map amount ({{ sum }}) must be lower than or equal to the total payment amount ({{ max }})
30043 Invalid 3DS value
30044 Invalid capture date parameter
30045 Request must be a preauthorization when entering a capture date
30046 Capture date must be more than {{ limit }}
30047 Capture date must be less than {{ limit }}
30048 Invalid check digit for provided card number
30049 Card is wiped or expired
40001 Invalid payment_id parameter
40002 Invalid refund reference parameter
40003 The refund reference parameter is not unique
40004 The refund currency parameter does not match with the original payment currency
40005 Invalid refund amount parameter
40006 The refund amount parameter is too high, the total refund amounts cannot be greater than the original payment amount
40007 The refund description parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
40008 Invalid refund status parameter
40009 Refund not found
40010 Not enough funds on your account to process this refund
50001 The original preauth payment has an invalid status
50002 The authorization could not be captured
50003 The authorization could not be voided
50004 This operation is currently being processed
60001 Billing agreement not found
60002 Invalid billing agreement status
60003 The billing agreement status is not active
60004 Maximum number of detokizations reached
60005 Invalid Detokenizer ID
60006 Invalid authorized_detokenizers IDs
60007 Company Reference does not match expected value
60008 Unauthorized sevice
60009 Detokenization threshold limit reached
60010 The mandate could not be activated
70001 Chargeback not found
80001 Subscription not found
80002 Subscription not active
90001 Invalid country
90002 redirect_url must be given (no default url found)
100001 Invalid BIN number
100002 BIN number information not found
110001 Invalid locked parameter
110002 Invalid type parameter
110003 Invalid trial period parameter
110004 Invalid trial period unit
110005 Invalid trial cycles parameter
110006 Invalid billing period parameter
110007 Invalid billing period unit
110008 Invalid billing cycles parameter
110009 Invalid API webiste ID
110010 Invalid post-process redirect URL
110011 Invalid initial charge value
110012 Invalid first name
110013 Invalid last name
110014 Invalid phone number
110015 The address parameter can be maximum {{ limit }}
110016 The city parameter can be maximum {{ limit }}
110017 Invalid amount type parameter
110018 Invalid phone prefix
110019 Invalid customer country
110020 The first name parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
110021 The last name parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
110022 Invalid value for preauth
110023 The reference parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
110024 The login parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
110025 The password hash parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
120001 Invalid or expired token
120002 The data inside the token is invalid
120003 Invalid API key
120004 Expired token
120005 Disabled feature
120006 Disabled user
120007 Payment using token not found
130003 Plan not found
130004 Invalid plan id
130005 Plan type not supported
140001 Invalid sex value
140002 Invalid user type
140003 Invalid user country
140004 The company name parameter has a maximum length of 100 characters
140005 The business registration number parameter has a maximum length of 100 characters
140006 The label parameter has a maximum length of 100 characters
140007 The reference parameter has a maximum length of 100 characters
140008 JSON format error
140009 The provided business type doesnt exist on the provided country
140010 Invalid Type on Language
140011 Invalid Type on Label
140012 Provided referral reference already exists on the system
140013 Provided email already on the system
140014 Invalid Business Activity
140015 Invalid send notify action
140016 Invalid username parameter
140017 Invalid IP parameter value
140018 Invalid Interactive parameter value
140019 Invalid known_as map
140020 Invalid known_as map: user does not exist
140021 Invalid known_as map: different users specified
140022 User is already referred by this partner
140023 reference-known_as map inconsistency: this user is already known with another reference
140024 reference-known_as map inconsistency: the given reference already links to another user
140025 Invalid Type on Business name
140026 The business name parameter has a maximum length of 100 characters
140027 Invalid user due diligence
150001 Envelope ID not found
160001 Invalid document type
160002 Invalid file extension
160003 Invalid MIME type
160014 File does not match specified MIME type
160101 Unable to create temp file
160103 Unable to write on temp file
170001 Invalid Phone Booking Module operation
170002 Invalid description input type
170003 Invalid expiration date input type
170004 Invalid booking return url
170005 Invalid payment page return url
170006 Invalid extra input type
170007 Invalid detokenizers input type
170008 Invalid locked input type
170009 Payment not authorized for your service level (serviceName)
170010 Invalid gender
170011 The last name parameter has a maximum length of {{ limit }} characters
170012 Invalid interface language
170013 At least one tab must be active on this instance
170014 This functionality is not authorized for your service (serviceName)
170015 Unknown functionality
170016 Unknown input to be locked
170017 Email request option is locked due to email input is empty and locked. Please specify an email or allow other options.
170018 Invalid locked input value
180000 Invalid device type
190000 Internal (syspay) encryption key with this uuid not found
190001 Partner encryption key with this uuid not found
190002 Unable to decrypt data
200001 Invalid verification status
200002 User [%s] is not managed by ewallet feature [%s]
200003 Account [%s] is not managed by ewallet feature [%s]